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Your website can do better

A site that is not understood will not convert. An app that isn’t meeting the user's expectations will get deleted quicker than the time it took to download it. A website or app that hasn’t been tested with your target audience is living a dangerous life, possibly missing its target completely.


Dieter Rams

The goal of any design is to be useful. Ask yourself, is there anything in my design that detracts from its end use?

- Dieter Rams, design legend


What UX Resolved offers

UX Resolved highlights the majority of issues on your website or app in a cost and time efficient way.

You'll receive a thorough report of what's working and what's not, and recommendations for how to make the appropriate changes, improve the user experience and see results straight away.

This can be tested and reviewed:

Meet your UX man

UX Resolved is run by me, Martin Sandstrom. I've been designing for great experiences since 2007. I've worked with companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Sky, been part of award winning startups and agencies, and worked in sectors spanning from consumer electronics to B2B finance. I hold a MSc degree in interaction design. More importantly I've carried out countless UX reviews and user tests over the years. I'm your UX man.

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Method: User testing

User testing is a tool that has been around since the early days of interface design. It focuses on usability, navigation and understanding of functionality and content. It can also be used to capture expectations that can be used for future development. User testing can and should be done in all parts of the development process - from early prototype to live product. It's important to test with people that are representative of your target audience.

User testing
  • 1. Brief
    You'll be asked to fill in a survey about the overall goal with your site/app, your target group and key task flows that need to be tested.
  • 2. Create test script
    Based on the survey I will conduct a condensed UX review and create a task based test script. This way I will create an understanding of the user interface and know what areas I need to test in more detail with users.
  • 3. Recruit and test
    Six users will be recruited from Usertesting.com's pool of thousands of users across the globe. We'll try and find a test group as representative of your target group as possible. Six is a pragmatic number to keep cost and analysis time down, while still getting enough diversity to catch all major issues.
  • 4. Results
    The tests come back within 24 hours. They are analysed task by task and fed into a comprehensive report alongside actionable recommendations on how to solve issues, clarify propositions and improve the experience.

Method: UX Review

A UX review will never replace a user test in terms of the insights you can get since the reviewer isn't a target user. You can still resolve a great number of usability and UX issues based on the reviewer's expertise in interface design and visual communication. It's a quick way to get up to scratch and apply best practise.

  • 1. Brief
    You'll be asked to fill in a survey about the overall goal with your site/app, your target group and key task flows that need to be tested.
  • 2. Review
    Based on the survey I will conduct a UX review, both based on page by page analysis and the key task flows. When conducting a UX review I'm using a checklist based on UX best practise.
  • 3. Results
    The findings are compiled into a comprehensive report alongside actionable recommendations on how to solve issues, clarify propositions and improve the experience.
UX review


A simple flat-rate model allows you to easily compare the two services. A user test normally takes four days to complete, and a UX review around two days depending on the complexity of the site. For the most accurate insights it’s recommended to carry out a user test with your target users, but a UX review is a good option if you’re on a tight schedule or budget.



Martin helped me with extremely helpful and spot-on tips for how to increase conversion, by changing a number of small but powerful details on the site.

- Erik Rothman, Newprovider.co.uk

The level of detail in the analysis left us with a long list of things to improve. I only wish I would've been pointed towards UX Resolved a long time ago.

- Mikael Sommar, Stockholm's Private Hearing Clinic


Got a question that isn't answered here? Send an email to martin@uxresolved.com and I'll get back to you.

Should I get a test, a review or both?

In the user test service I include a compressed UX review, so both won't be needed. Whether you should get a test or a review is up to what you're after. A test will generate more reliable results, but a review will catch all low hanging fruits and provide results quicker and at a lower cost.

What are the recommended improvements based on?

In the case of a user test, the recommendations are adressing the issues the users had when completing tasks on the site. A review is likely to come to similar conclusions, but from a best practise analysis. The improvements are known and established ways to fix the issues.

How quick is the turnaround?

Normally you'll get a statement of work within one work day. I get started as soon as the work has been signed off and the survey has been completed. It normally takes me between two and four work days to complete everything and send the report.

Can you review niched interfaces?

Yes. It's something I do all the time when I work across sectors in design agencies. General best practise is industry agnostic, but it's still important to understand the goals and task flows of the target users. In the survey I'll capture all domain specific information I need for the test or review.

Will my business benefit from a UX review?

Yes. Unless your site is already optimised for your users, your business will gain from having an expert evaluating it. Not only will a UX review highlight problems but it will also find opportunities to create brand loyalty, cross sell, customer engagement etc.

I've received the report, what do I do next?

In short - implement the recommendations and track your improved performance. A lot of changes, like ordering and copy should be ok to update without any design work, but some recommendations may require a designer to think about the best way to display the solution.

Can I cancel an agreed job?

Yes, but a fee of £250 will be charged if you cancel the commissioned project after I have confirmed that the work will go ahead. If a user test has been carried out, an additional cost of £480 will be added to cover the test expenses.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, I offer UX design consulting. This is something I normally do full time, at the client's location but we might be able to find a work-around if that's not possible. Drop me an email at martin@uxresolved.com if you're interested.